Summer Exhibition – Grayson Perry: Animal Spirits

Galerie Maximillian specializes in Modern and Contemporary art by many of the world’s most coveted artists. “We’ve become known for presenting world class projects by Turner Prize-winning artists,” says owner Albert Sanford. Grayson Perry is one of those artists; a Turner Prize winner and Royal Academician, two of the highest honors British artists can achieve.

Grayson Perry: Animal Spirits (June 24th – July 26th) will showcase a magnificent new woodcut and related engravings of a half-bull, half-bear. Inspired by the symbolic beasts, or “animal spirits,” that control the financial markets, Grayson Perry seeks to represent the emotional fragility of a male-dominated industry often seen as void of emotion.

“This print shows my symbolic representation of the irrational beast that controls the financial market—half bull, half bear. He—and it most definitely is a he—is surrounded by symbols taken from the names of patterns seen in Japanese Candlestick graphs. These are graphs that were supposedly invented by 16th Century Japanese rice traders to help them understand the fluctuations in their market and they are still used today on the computer screens of city traders,” says Perry.

“It’s an extraordinary visual statement and the theme relating to the financial market still hangs over our country today. It’s a very relevant work of art presented in a historical context,” says Sanford.

Animal Spirits will also feature new British projects by Ian Davenport, Damien Hirst, David Hockney and Anish Kapoor.

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Galerie Maximillian