Ian Davenport

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Ian Davenport was born in Kent in 1966. He studied at Goldsmiths' College
of Art in London, graduating in 1988 with a B.A. in Fine Art. In the same
year, he exhibited in the Damien Hirst-curated Freeze exhibition which
first brought together many of the later-to-be known "Young British
Artists.² In 1991, he was shortlisted for the Turner Prize and since then
has exhibited extensively across the world, and undertaken several large
scale site-specific murals, including the 50m long mural under the bridge
on Southwark Street, London.

His abstract paintings are made by pouring paint onto a tilted surface and
letting gravity spread the paint over medium density fibreboard rather
than canvas. He most often employs household gloss paint, such that the
viewer can glean their own reflection in the work. His systematic
approach, predetermining both materials and process, results in paintings
whose effect is based on physical immediacy rather than any theoretical
background. He has made a number of diptychs and triptychs as well as
single works.

More recently he has turned his attention to silkscreen printing and
etching and has already built up an impressive body of graphic work.
Davenport's work is held in numerous public collections including the Arts
Council of Great Britain, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Tate gallery,
London, Weltkunst Collection, Zurich and Southampton City Art Gallery.