X-Games in Aspen!!!

I LOVE THE X-GAMES!  There, I said it.

Most Aspen residences have a “love/hate” relationship to the single most public outreach PR campaign Aspen has.  I LOVE the games because of the youthful energy the games brings to town.  In all seriousness, we have a little problem with the “advancing” age of many of our town visitors.  If you are familiar with January in Aspen, we have a large contingent of gentlemen who come to town just the week prior to X-Games.  It has become the single highest tax revenue generating week of the year for the city of Aspen.  I have heard some affectionately call it “Gray Ski Week”.

Sitting up at the Sundeck this weekend I was struck by how many handsome, older gentlemen were basking.  It used to be filled with twenty and thirty somethings… no more.  We are all getting older.  I think SkiCo recognizes the need for a younger generation to fall in love with Aspen.  Hard to believe, I know, but we want the X-Gamers to be bringing their families to town in the next five to ten years.

I LOVE the choice of sitting on the couch and watching the action OR getting in my car and seeing it in person.  After all the years of going to the games at least once a year, my couch seat is absolutely no comparison.  There is nothing like being there.  Yeah, you get a little cold, parking is a little inconvenient, and there are tons of people.  But every year I go, and every year I’m happy I did.  Seeing the athletes soar high above me on the half-pipe.  I giggle and scream like a little girl.  You have no idea how giant and powerful those Snomobiles are until you stand next to one.  Amazing!  That these guys can throw them around like they do, it just never loses the excitement.

I LOVE THE X-GAMES!  Book your reservations now for next year…Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.48.40 AM

Posted on January 27, 2014 by Galerie Maximillian