Color + Abstraction

Color + Abstraction is a group show that explores the possibilities of color and abstraction in modern and contemporary art. Masters of abstraction, like surrealist Joan MirĂ³ and abstract expressionist Frank Bowling, are well known for storytelling through the use of abstract figures and obscured visual references.

These artworks do not depict recognizable scenes or objects, but instead are made up of forms and colors that exist for their own expressive sake. Minimalists Ellsworth Kelly and Anish Kapoor are colorists that create bold impactful artworks through the thoughtful use of vibrant colors. These works can be characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content.

When paired together these artists present beautifully lyrical works that allow the viewer to interpret the artworks for themselves. We have decided to exhibit these works together at a time of information overload as a way for you to ingest and translate at your own pace for enjoyment and respite.

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