Rebel Within Muffin

As the Summer Season in Aspen starts to wind down and I start to prepare for Fall/Off-Season travels, my taste buds are gearing up for an upcoming visit to San Francisco where I will eat my way through the city with my gastro-obsessed sister who lives there.  In particular, I am salivating at the thought of my first bite into a “Rebel Within Muffin” served at Craftsman and Wolves Bakery — a Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Muffin with a perfectly cooked boiled egg inside.  The idea brings to mind the trendy concept of Umami.  In Japanese, “A pleasant savory taste” though in the vernacular that I don’t know what that elevates a dish to out-of-this-world, can’t-stop-eating bliss.

As I set out into the world looking for our next group of treasures to offer in the gallery, I guess you could say that I am looking for that “Umami Moment” with an artist or particular work of art.  That “I don’t know what quality” that makes me fall in love and want to come back for more.  Recent examples in our  successful Summer “Words” exhibition have been works by Harland Miller, Mel Bochner, Christopher Wool and of course the great Contemporary American Master Ed Ruscha.  Another, were the 6 gorgeous Miro engravings that I acquired earlier this year.  They were all dedicated to his printer Aldo Crommelynk and in pristine condition.  They will form the basis of our Winter 2014 exhibition of 20th Century Masterworks featuring rare impressions that are either dedicated, annotated or proofs “apart” from their regular editions.  It will be very exciting.  So here’s to a great off-season and my next “Umami Art Moment.”

Albert Sanford

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Galerie Maximillian