Meet Houston-Based Artist Joseph Cohen

You are invited to meet Houston-based artist Joseph Cohen.

Presenting New Paintings

Friday, July 21st — 6 to 8 pm

Joseph Cohen Proposition 474

Proposition 474, Pigment, gold, diamond dust, and varnish on birch

“Of great importance is the act of embracing the human hand and the physical activity of painting. I am deeply involved with the textures of a medium capable of universalizing so much lost intimacy.”

Joseph Cohen Proposition 470

Proposition 470, Pigment, gold, diamond dust, and varnish on birch

“The incorporation of intereferencing pigments, gold, platinum, silver, diamond dust, and other precious materials articulate the shifted role of color in these latest ‘Propositions’. Paint continues to be used as both a sensual, viscous matter that can flow, drip, and carry a brushstroke’s gesture, yet it is also used mechanically, geometrically, and at times governed by the laws of gravity.”

Joseph Cohen Proposition 471

Proposition 471, Pigment, diamond dust, and varnish on birch

“Houston has been my home base for the last decade and over this time The Museum of Fine Arts Houston has acquired my artwork, I was awarded best in show at Lawndale’s Big Show, I have given presentations at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Menil Collection, and the Children’s Museum, along with many others.”

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Galerie Maximillian