Grayson Perry - Smash Hits

Grayson Perry | Smash Hits at National Galleries of Scotland at the Royal Scottish Academy

The biggest exhibition of the artist’s career is now on view at the National Galleries of Scotland at the Royal Scottish Academy and will be through November 12.

Galerie Maximillian is delighted for Grayson Perry on the largest exhibition of his career – including all the artist’s meticulously detailed prints and imaginary maps. Find more information about the work and the artist below, and contact us for more information. “Popular and provocative, Perry makes art that deals with difficult and complex ideas in an accessible and often funny way. He loves taking on big issues that are universally human: masculinity, sexuality, class, religion, politics and more. On view will be subversive pots, brilliantly intricate prints, elaborate sculptures, and huge, captivating tapestries – all imbued with Perry’s sharp wit and social commentary. Working with traditional artforms, Perry addresses the controversial issues of our times.” –National GalleriesGRAYSON PERRY | SMASH HITSGRAYSON PERRY | SMASH HITS


Vote for Me!, 2023
66 7/8 x 47 1/8 in.

Posted on July 26, 2023 by Galerie Maximillian