Featured Artist: Chris Ofili

Turner Prize winning artist Chris Ofili has had controversy in his work, but his Caribbean and Ovid pieces are without a doubt, sublime. While living in Trinidad, Mr. Ofili filled canvases with Caribbean blues and blacks, echoing the inky colors of island twilight.

After being invited to London’s Cultural Olympiad to create works for the British National gallery, Chris Ofili was inspired by the classical myths of Ovid and Metamorphoses to create flowing, lyrical works, expressing the drama and beauty of the literary masterpieces.

The paintings below illustrate Mr. Ofili’s two recent creative periods.

The Break, from “Paradise by Night”, 2010

C Ofili PbN The Break


Tempest, From “Paradise by Night”, 2010

C Ofili PbN Tempest


Nymphs (Deluge), from Ovid, 2012



Callisto, from Ovid, 2012


Posted on October 29, 2015 by Galerie Maximillian