Richard Dupont

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“There’s a lot going on…that has to do with voyeurism and surveillance…”

Richard Dupont, Interview in Sculpture magazine, June 2008

The Work:

Like a glance into a funhouse mirror, the works of Richard Dupont are essentially high tech, distorted, self-portraits that seem to be stretched by time and space.

His Process:

The sculptures are made of cast polyurethane resin, assembled, sanded and finished by hand – a tremendous amount of manual labor.  Dupont began his journey into self-portraiture with a visit to the Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio, where he underwent a full-body laser scan- a scan that is generally used in the production of body armor, ejection seats and helmets.  Dupont uses this digital template as the main source material that he playfully manipulates and distorts to create his sculpture, unique drawings and engravings. 

The Magic:

How does a contemporary artist present you with a work that makes you stop in your tracks and transports you into another dimension?   This is the challenge that Dupont confronts every day in his studio.  The artist explains, “…the magic of imparting the real world into a static object…it’s about immortality and magic.  The problem today is that magic is all around us…with digital technology and advertising… so much so that we become desensitized…” For Dupont, creating magic is his artistic intent and it is easier and more complex than ever. 

Public Collections:

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

The New York Public Library, New York

Richard Dupont - New Art TV

Richard Dupont - Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital