Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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The delicately sensual nature of Renoir’s work is accented by its undeniable charm. With his choice of human subjects and unique painting technique (he did not limit himself to the divided color and mixed brush strokes that was characteristic of other Impressionist painters), Pierre-Auguste Renoir distinguished himself from his fellow painters and at the same time catapulted himself to the top of the class. His work is alive with the energy of the atmosphere, the fractured light of tree foliage, and most memorably, the luminosity of a young woman’s creamy complexion.Responding to requests from collectors, publishers, authors and colleagues, Renoir produced his first works on paper around 1890. He was by then almost fifty years old and a celebrated artist. During the next 14 years, he produced approximately 50 graphic works many of them published by the preeminent turn-of-the-century dealer Ambroise Vollard. Vollard commissioned mostly lithographs by Renoir and a few etchings to serve as frontispieces for deluxe editions of his monographs on the artist.The majority of Renoir’s etchings and drypoints appeared in books and art journals published by either Theodore Duret or by Roux-Champion.We at Galerie Maximillian are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of original Renoir etchings and lithographs, including some of his most sought-after color images such as L’Enfant au Biscuit, and Enfants Jouant a la Balle.