Harland Miller

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Harland Miller is both a writer and an artist. Born in Yorkshire in 1964 and currently living in London. He studied at Chelsea School of Art, graduating in 1988 with an MA.

In 2001 Miller produces a series of paintings based on the dust jackets of Penguin books. By including the Penguin motif into his paintings of book covers, he found a clever way to blend aspects of Pop Art, abstraction, and figurative painting with his writer's passion for words and text. His images are funny, sardonic and nostalgic at the same time while the painting style hints at the dog-eared, scuffed covers of the Penguin classics themselves. Miller's work has continued in this vein, expanding the book covers to include his own phrases, some hilarious and absurd, others with a lush melancholy.

Group exhibitions include Royal Academy, London (2005, 2006), Kunsthalle, Mannheim (2004) and the ICA (1996).